Forum Title: North Texas Closing?
I read the replys to the Southern closers. However this is my 1st time having a pool in the winter and I live in just south of Dallas. Since this is my 1st pool I am clueless on what to do for this area? I noticed some keep them open and some close. My questions relate more to when should you look to close a pool if you do close it? If you keep it open do you add less chlorine or keep it the same and should you lower the pump on working hours if you have a VS pump?
Category: pool Post By: CLAUDIA GRAVES (Trenton, NJ), 02/10/2019

Probably my post you read! I'm over in Longview......first year with a pool, and we're leaving it open. Most folks say to wait until pool temp is in the 60's and dose it up to shock level after cleaning it first with your levels balanced. My chlorine usage has already dropped like a rock. Doesn't look like it will take even a gallon of bleach a week to maintain FC levels at minimum. Probably gonna run my pump 6 hours a day which will turn my water over twice and keep it skimmed. We'll run as necessary when the ice man cometh. Was at a Texas/OU party yesterday..........3 ABG pool owners there............and none of them close and cover for the winter here. One of those has been up for 15 years.

- JENNY NAVARRO (Laguna Niguel, CA), 03/22/2019

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to keep it open and double checked to see if my pool has automatic freeze turn on, which it does. My pool is brand new and has automatic chlorine injector. Should I turn this level way down? To be honest not once this summer did I even have to chock my pool, so I have never done that as well. I kept my chlorine injector at 2 and everything went extremely well all year. I just have a lot to learn because the last thing I want is to do this wrong and it become extremely expensive to fix when I just bought this pool.

- DEBRA ADAMS (Independence, MO), 04/06/2019

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