Forum Title: do i have de in my sand filter.
I'm a newbe. I'm still trying to figure out what I have, and how to close it, use it, mantain it ect.. The man that I bought the place from said, when the pool guy came to open up for him he said I,m going to add some different stuff to your sand. He belives it was DE. How do I find out whats in there? The filter has about fifty screws around it. Do I have to take them all off to look inside? Plus I'm kind of in limbo right now. My pool is half closed down. I'm converting from Eco-Smart to chlorine. I have my pool 4 below the eyballs, and the cover on. I haven't blown out the lines yet. I was going to have the local pool store do it, so i dont screw it up. Plus I could watch them and learn. The guy that owned before me left a shop vac that he wired to just blow and not suck. I have three eyeballs, one skimmer, and one sideport. Also when you use antifreeze doesn't that stuff get in the pool? Is that ok? The former owner told that he used to take the clear cover off the pump filter, then put the shop vac hose down in there about 6 and blow out from there. Sounds confusing. filix
Category: pool Post By: JEROME SCHNEIDER (Warner Robins, GA), 02/27/2019

filix, For now, I would disregard what's in your filter, backwash thoroughly and visually inspect the sand in the Spring, and assume it is all gone. It probablyis all gone and a visual inspection is probably a good idea in the Spring but not worth worrying about this fall.

- ARLENE STEELE (Tamarac, FL), 03/25/2019

Thanks duraleigh. I started playing around with blowing my lines out. I think I maybe on to it. I removed the plug from the filter, then took out that clear tube that has the copper and titanium eco smart bars. That gave me access to my three eyeball returns. I stuck the vacum hose in there and turned it on. You could see the cover moving in all three spots. I then pulled back the cover to reveal one return and watched. I let the air blow for about 10 minutes. Then I waited five minutes and blew them out for ten more minutes. I took that one eyeball of and put one winter cover on. They are plastic with an o ring. Are these good? I have one gallon of antifreeze made for pools, that the previous owner left. Do I take a funnel and small hose and pour some antifreeze down each return?

- BYRON DANIEL (Manchester, NH), 04/14/2019

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