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I want to try to close our pool this year because I'm tired of paying the PS hundreds of $$ and them only doing half the job. However, I am SO clueless when it comes to anything mechanical. I think I can handle it, once I know what to do. I'm so afraid of messing it up and ruining our pool. So, I went ahead and took some pictures so you all can see our set up. **Disclaimer, I know our water is GREEN right now. We're struggling so much with it. We can get it clear, but it won't stay that way for long. I'm sure it's because we use the Frog. However, I had a case of those BacPacs I wanted to get used up since we already spent so much money on them. I'm going to get the pool clear before I close it up for the year though. So, here's some of my questions. 1)Should I drain some water? I don't think the PS does at all. 2)I have these two parts (the white screw in plug and the white tupperware lid type thing). Where do they go and should I be using them. The PS does, but honestly, I don't think they always do everything the right/best way. I can't get the pics to copy and paste to the site, but I'm sure you know what I mean. 3)Can you walk me through it step by step? I know that's asking a lot, but I really don't know what I'm doing. Like first add chemicals, then add drain water, then drain and unhook hoses and equipment. 3)Is there anything I need to do to the pump to get it winterized, other than draining it? 4) What do I do to the filter? I saw in Pool School about removing the multi port. Really? The PS doesn't do that. Doesn't that leave a big opening in the filter? How do I cover it? I don't even have any idea how to get the multiport off. 5) The PS has only ever put the winter cover on and that's it. No pillow, no leaf net, no weights etc. In Ohio we obviously get a lot of rain and snow and ice in the winter. So far it hasn't been an issue, but I probably should be doing something more right? 6)Anything need done to the heater? Sometimes I think the PS half-a$$es things in hope that something major breaks and we'll have to make a big purchase. Ok, here's our pics.
Category: pool Post By: COREY BARRETT (Bloomington, IN), 03/16/2019

Kathy3232 said: I want to try to close our pool this year because I'm tired of paying the PS hundreds of $$ and them only doing half the job. Click to expand... That is why this site exist. I strongly recommend you free yourself from their grasp. Even if I work in one. However, we need to know how long the pool will be closed? Is it due to the climate (like here in Quebec). If so it is mandatory. If water freezes at skimmer level, the ice sheet will naturally turn destroying the pool. We make sure our customer's water level is 18 inches below the skimmer.*Parts in Red is if you have a drain* *Disclaimer: This is for Quebec, Canada* 1- Take a picture of your equipment so you remember where everything goes back next spring. Worth mentionning for others who read this thread since you obviously did that part. 2- Drain your pool 18 inches below the skimmer. You might want to use your vacuum to do so. Remove most part of anything that have grown inside the pool while you're at it. If you had a drain, you could have closed the skimmer and drain through the... drain. NEVER use the BACKWASH position on your filter to do so: Drain/Waste works fine. Shut off the pump, and change function to filtration again. Water would continue to drain otherwise. 3- Winterize part by part from skimmer to water return. This is to make sure nothing's forgotten. Disconnect the drain's pipe where it joins the skimmer's. Keep it higher than pool's water level, put a styrofoam serpentine in it with anti-freeze, and put a plug. Then tie it up on the top of the wall. 4- Disconnect your pump, first from the electricity outlet, then from the pipes. This could get a little messy as gravity works its way, but since water level supposed to be lower than the skimmer, it'll only empty the pipes... which is a good thing. Keep your pump at hand for now AND PUT EVERY GASKET AND/OR SMALL PARTS IN ITS BASKET. You don't want to lose them. 5- Remove the ''plug'' under your sand filter. This will cause the filter to empty itself of water, however, for best results, put a wooden plank under the other side to leave it at an angle. you may leave it that way for the winter. Put the handle on Winterize, this will protect its diverter. If no such function exist, leave it BETWEEN two functions. If Calcium Hypochlorite was used in the season, check for a paste on the sand... open up the head. You don't want a calcium deposit to dry up! 6- Remove anything connected to your water return. This way the return will work like that hole in your bathtub and prevent overflow, and damages to the pool. Once every small parts are put inside your Pump's basket, bring it back home, or inside the garage. Note that some articles might greatly help protect your pool like a foam for the skimmer, or, if you have trees nearby, a mesh cover (which is costly and without great benefits without trees). Like I said: this applies to northern climates only. I have no idea how to close a pool that just won't freeze. [Edit] Very Important before you open up your pool again: get a good test kit. Unknowingly, I Pool Stored a lot of customers. Now I know better, but so very few of us know the truth... [/End Edit]

- Terrence Brown (Hialeah, FL), 04/04/2019

Forgot about the Heater. You might simply disconnect it and put it at an angle like you did with the sand filter so nothing's left to freeze in there. I would also advise plugging its entrances to avoid it housing rodents. Frogger's an Ionizer? Like EcoSmarte's? People here might pity you for using it... Even if you don't end up using Bleach, Borax, and Bicarbonate, I'd still advise you to follow BBB's philosophy: Know your water chemistry, avoid adding a product if you're not sure it'll help. No method is flawless, but the higher costs of a SWCG (if your pool is not 100% metal) or the extra work of carrying Jugs of Bleach is by far the lesser Evil. [Edit] Chemicals added (except for anti-freeze) are mostly to keep your pool crystal clear and avoid a lot of fuss when next spring arrives. If you intend on closing it green, well, there's not much they'll do for you. Keep the bottom clear of leaves though. [/End Edit]

- Yen Martin (Bloomington, IL), 04/13/2019

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